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Specialty Driving Services.  
Providing local, regional and national service.


  • Designated Driver:  Self-directed wine tours or brewery tours.

  • Auto/RV/Boat/Equipment transport or relocation.

  • Medical transportation:  To/From medical procedures.

  • Accompaniment on trips as driver or co-driver.

  • Shuttle services: Long distance only. 

  • Urgent delivery:  Package or personnel.

  • Safe and reliable long distance pet transportation.  (Arff,​ Meow!)

  • Rental truck (U-Haul) driving to destination.

  • Professional Cross Country Driver.

  • Same day or next day service. Accurate travel budgeting.

  • Reasonable flat rate job-specific cost quotes. 

  • Recent and long term verifiable client references.

  • Affordable, not ostentatious. 

  • Dependable, every mission, every time.

  • All services are provided by the owner/driver, Scott Thompson.

  • And no surprises....... except the pleasant type!

Many services can be provided using your vehicle or your rented vehicle, if you prefer. 

Contact:  Email to DrivePro4U@yahoo.com
Voice or text to 360.518.4038.

Transportation challenges..?
Solved !
Now Operating from Two Base Locations*:

*Summer Headquarters:  Portland, OR;   (April thru Oct)
*Winter Headquarters:     Orlando, FL;  (Nov thru March)
Scott Thompson, Owner/Driver
Mission Statement:  Provide a reliable driving service in a safe, efficient, and economical manner that is consistent with my clients' needs.​