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 Wine Touring (Designated Driver)
Note:  DrivePro4U is recommended by more wine country B & B's to their guests than any other driving service, "(and) the reason is Scott's superior service, his knowledge of the area, and complete reliability."  Inn Keeper, Oregon Wine Country

"Just a note of appreciation for the great driving service again (in Wine Country). After our first experience with you last year, it was really a "no-brainer" to engage your services for our latest excursion into Oregon Wine Country that included my colleague and his wife.  Good Job, and we'll see you again next year!"  Keith and Amy, Orlando, FL

"Thank you so much for another enjoyable afternoon (in Wine Country).  It was the second time this year using your service (6 times total) and you've made me feel quite comfortable in recommending you.  Whether it's my friends and family or an out of town client, I know that it'll be a wonderful experience."  Nicole, Portland, OR

Personal Transportation and Shuttle Service
"Thanks again for driving me to the clinic for the (medical procedure), and for waiting for me to be released to travel home.  I now know I wasn't 'all there' afterword.  It was nice to have someone to rely on during that time."  M. K.,  Vancouver, WA

"Thank you for the efficient shuttle service.  I WILL call you on my next trip to Oregon for transportation from Portland to Astoria."  Maria V., Anchorage, AK

".. a job well done.  I appreciate your constant professionalism, especially under stress."  (This client is a high profile entrepreneur.  The mission was to drive a rented motor home on a 5-day road trip from San Francisco to Chula Vista, then San Diego to Marina Del Mar, then to Hawthorne, Hawthorne to Sausalito and various locations in Central CA for a series of meetings and presentations.  Most of the driving occurred after midnight each day.) Luke N., San Francisco, CA

RV, Boat, M/C, Auto, and U-Haul Transport
"Thanks for your efficient transport service for my long distance car deal.  It really helped that you have so much experience and knowledge in the car business and were able to make the process go smoothly for me." (Client's 2010 Camaro driven from Siletz, OR to Las Vegas, NV to trade to a dealer for a 2011 Camaro.  Then the 2011 was driven back from Vegas to Siletz to the client.) Ben H., Siletz, OR

"THANK YOU! And you did it ahead of schedule, AGAIN!" Customer's 21' Catalina sailboat transported 3,300 miles from Vancouver, WA to Largo, FL.  This is a repeat client (3 times total); each transport has been 500 miles or more. The most recent was from St. Louis to Portland in May, 2017. Joe B., Retired.

"...all I can say is that I was lucky to find you.  After my unfortunate experience with (transport company), I really didn't know what to expect.  But you did what you said you'd do and delivered our big, new (to us) boat in perfect order."  Mike and Carol,  Spokane, WA

"...so glad we met and that I chose your service, even though you weren't the lowest bidder (emphasis added). The fact that you knew a mechanical problem was developing en route and corrected it BEFORE a breakdown occurred probably saved me from a huge tow bill and a $1,000 repair! You definitely went above and beyond, and my wife even said that I finally made a good decision! lol.  Thanks again." (Client's Chrysler minivan driven from Orlando, FL to Austin, TX) Bob S., Austin, TX

"A note of thanks for your EXCELLENT service taking my choppers to Vegas. Also, I want you to know I appreciate the way you worked with me regarding my wife's bike."  (Two Harleys from Gladstone, OR to Las Vegas, then one from Las Vegas to Gladstone) Marty C., Gladstone, OR

"Thank you again for transporting my cello for me (from Houston to Seattle). It was even still in tune and sounds great!"  Regina F., Mercer Is.WA

"Wow!  Coast to coast in 4.5 days in the dead of winter!" (An urgent request to drive a 26' Penske truck towing a Jeep Cherokee on a car trailer from Portland, OR to Savannah, GA) Greg and Charlotte D., Savannah, GA 

".....and put my name on your reference list as your most detail-oriented and completely satisfied customer."  (26' Penske truck driven from Portland to Albuquerque) Priya, Albuquerque, NM 

Pet Transportation
"Thanks, Scott.  We felt very safe and secure with Scout in your hands.  We will recommend you to our friends!"  (Scout is a 110 lb, year old Great Dane transported from Hanford, CA to Portland, OR, an 800 mile trip, 13 hours.)  Geoff and Seema M.,  Portland, OR

Contact: Email to DrivePro4U@yahoo.com, 
Voice or text to 360.518.4038.
Mission Statement:  Provide a reliable driving service in a safe, efficient, and economical manner that is consistent with my clients' needs.​